The Fox Cities Golf Tour (FCGT) is open to all golfers; amateurs and local pros, men and women. While registering for each event please provide the best and most accurate information to ensure we have the best competition possible. You will be able to request to play with a friend when registering. Please keep in mind you will only be able to play with 1 friend, you will not be able to make your own foursome.


All tournaments are gross stroke play with USGA rules in effect. The rules of golf as governed by the USGA will apply with the following exceptions:

  • All players NOT in Championship flight can card a maximum of triple bogey on any hole. At any time on any hole if a player reaches triple bogey (including penalty strokes) and the ball is not holed out, the player MUST pick up his/her ball, and help finish the hole with their playing competitors. You will record a triple bogey for that hole and move to the next.
  • Local rules and/or host course rules take precedence. These special rules will be detailed before the start of each tournament. 

Divisions and Flights

The field will be divided into 2 Divisions, with Flights being determined in each Division.

  • Open Division (Number of flights is to be determined based on the number of those registered)
    • This division is for any golfer that would like to compete at the highest level in the Fox Cities. This division is open to local golf pros and amateurs alike. Based on the number of players that register for each tournament and based on those players’ handicaps, flights will be determined. Flights will be made with the intentions of trying to make for evenly-numbered groups and trying to keep like-talented players grouped together.
  • Classic Division (Number of flights is to be determined based on the number of those registered)
    • This division is for any amateur 55 years of age or older. Your age is based on birth year, not exact birthday. Based on the number of players that register for each tournament and based on those players’ handicaps, flights will be determined. Flights will be made with the intentions of trying to make for evenly-numbered groups and trying to keep like-talented players grouped together.    

Handicap Policy

Your tour handicap is intended to group players into flights of comparable potential ability to promote fair competition within each flight and division. Your tour handicap will be based on both your FCGT performance and your previous reported ability level and other handicaps outside of the FCGT. The triple bogey rule from above is our version of Equitable Stroke Control (similar to the USGA). In an effort to ensure that handicaps reflect a players’ most recent ability, your 4 most recent tournament scores on tour will take precedence over any past performance and handicap. This is done so that a player is properly grouped each tournament in the correct flight and division. It is also on the honor of each player to accurately report their handicap throughout the season while registering for tournaments. If a player gets better and therefore their handicap outside of the tour lowers from May to August (for example) they need to report this when registering. Lastly and ultimately the Tour Director has the final say-so on which flight and division a player will participate in based on reported ability and past performance (if applicable).  

Division and Flight Movement

A player can play in any of the divisions, provided they meet the stated requirements to play in said division. If a player starts in one flight but their handicap rises (or falls) they can play in a different flight if they meet the requirements. If a player drastically outperforms their reported ability or tour handicap they may be subject to move to a new flight on the day of the tournament. This will be at the discretion of the Tour Director and based on a variety of factors, including, but not limited to: course conditions, weather conditions, past performance, skill-level, and course rating and index. The intent behind this policy is to ensure that everyone is on a fair playing field. This is not to say that if someone has a “career day” they will automatically be moved. This policy is meant to protect players, not punish them.    

Appearance & Behavior Policy

The FCGT will strictly enforce a tournament dress code with NO exceptions. You MUST wear a collared shirt and soft spikes. A mock- or regular turtleneck will be allowed if you prefer. No cutoffs, sweat pants or jogging outfits are permitted. You are allowed to wear shorts.

The FCGT will not tolerate vulgar language, club throwing, alcohol abuse, poor golfing etiquette, and improper use of golf carts or other such behavior. Such conduct may result in tournament disqualification and suspension or expulsion from the FCGT.

Patrons & Caddies

Caddies are OK to use as long as pace of play is maintained. Appropriate action will be taken if pace of play is not maintained as a result of a caddie/player issue.

Spectators are welcomed at tournaments; however each course has different guidelines for spectators. The FCGT does not guarantee the course will allow spectators and it’s the responsibility of those who wish to follow the action to check with the Tour before the tournament to receive course instructions and spectator rules.

Weather Guidelines

If the course superintendent allows us on the course, we are playing. However, per USGA Rule 6.8.a (II), a player may discontinue play if he/she believes there is danger from lightning. Any delays or cancellation of a tournament will be determined by the golf course and their staff in conjunction with the FCGT. If a course becomes unplayable during a tournament, the tournament may be declared official if all players in a flight have played at least nine of the same holes.

If a tournament is cancelled, a makeup date will be announced as soon as/if one is determined. Refunds will not be issued, but rather will be applied to the scheduled makeup date or in golf passes for future tournaments. 

Prizes & Awards

At each tournament, a portion of the tournament entry fee will be placed into the prize pool for each division and flight. The amount differs for each tournament and is determined by the number of participants in each flight.

The winner from each flight will also receive a custom trophy for each tournament.

Tournament Registration

You MUST register for each tournament using the FCGT website. The deadline to register for each tournament is one week prior to the date of the tournament. This is done at the request of each course to better prepare the course and the facilities. If you have problems using the website, please contact us for assistance.

You can register for more than one tournament at a time. If you register for future tournaments, your entry fee(s) will be held for that tournament(s). If something were to happen that forced you to withdraw from an event that you have already paid for, simply notify the FCGT via email before the deadline for that tournament (remember, one week) and your entry will be carried to a future tournament. In the case that a player does not play in another tournament that season, a refund should be issued the following year. If you miss the deadline to withdraw, refunds are only available if the golf course does not charge for you missing the event. Because a head count has to be given and we must prepay for most of these tournaments, a refund will usually be hard to come by. A refund is at the discretion of each course and out of the control of the FCGT. Please, understand that we must maintain positive relations with these courses for future events.

If you no-show for a tournament, you will NOT receive a refund.

Tournament Day

You MUST sign-in with the Score-Keeper at the sign-in table before the start of each tournament. At the sign-in table there will be the opportunity to participate in a skins pool, and there may also be sponsor giveaways. It will be Tour policy that you sign-in at least 15 minutes before your assigned tee time. Failure to do so may result in a 2-stroke penalty. It is important to the tour, the course, and to your playing partners that you are punctual. Best practice is to sign-in as soon as you arrive to avoid any problems.

On tournament day at sign-in you will be provided with an official FCGT scorecard. Make sure you check your scorecard to ensure all of your information is correct. Find your cart with your name on it and get ready to compete!

If you are one that likes a warm-up routine, please make sure you arrive and allow yourself ample time for this. Announcements will be made as to who is on the tee box and who is on deck. You must be to your first tee 10 minutes prior to your starting time. During a shotgun start, your tee time will be the time you must be ready play, in your cart and ready to listen to any local rules or any tournament announcements. If you miss the start of your tee time, you will be assessed a one-stroke penalty per minute you are late, up to a maximum of five minutes before disqualification. 

Before Play Begins

Check over your official FCGT scorecard and make sure you are listed with the correct handicap, and you are at the appropriate tee box for your division/flight/age. All of this information will be indicated on your scorecard and this information comes directly from the FCGT. If there is a reason to hold play to get something answered, please do so. If an error was made and you and your entire group agree that you should be playing from a different tee box, begin play and verify with the FCGT later. In most cases it will be a simple oversight and this should not slow the pace of play or delay the start of a round.

You MUST exchange scorecards within your group. A fellow competitor within your group MUST keep your scorecard and register your official score. Keeping an unofficial scorecard for your reference and others in your group is allowed. Whenever possible, you should not keep the official scorecard for the same person that is keeping your official scorecard, nor should you keep the official scorecard of your cart-mate.

Identify your ball with a distinctive marking and show this ball and it’s marking to your playing competitors. You must be able at all times to positively identify that the ball you’ve played is not another player’s ball. According to the USGA rules, your ball is deemed lost if you cannot positively identify that the ball is yours.

During the Round

Because you are representing not only yourself, but the FCGT as well, please follow proper golf etiquette at all times. Rake bunkers, keep riding carts far enough away from greens and bunkers, repair your divot and another divot on each green, assist competitors with locating errant shots, pull the pin, be aware of your footsteps, follow all golf cart signs, etc.

  • After each hole, announce your score for your group to hear so that your official scorecard can be updated and the honor determined for the next tee.
  • If you would like to listen to music at an appropriate volume, you are welcome as long as you check with your playing competitor’s first. If a fellow competitor does not want you to listen to music, please be respectful. You are NOT allowed to listen to headphones while playing.
  • Keep cell-phone usage to an absolute minimum. You need to be aware of your surroundings and keep the pace of play moving along. But come on, you can go without your phone for four hours.

Pace of Play

This will be a focal point on the FCGT. We want to make sure that everyone can enjoy their round while at the same time being competitive in the moment. Unless a course is unable to provide the needed number of riding carts, it will be mandatory that you ride to help with pace of play. Slow play penalties will be assessed if need be; keep your groups moving! Our goal will be to complete each round in less than four hours and thirty minutes.

  •  On the FCGT we will promote and encourage ready golf. If you reach your ball and are ready to hit, when others in your group are not yet ready, then go ahead and hit. In a stroke play competition there is no penalty for playing out of turn, provided there is a reasonable justification to do so.
  • The penalty for slow play is 2 strokes for the entire group. Everyone in a group needs to make sure that their group is keeping up with the group ahead of them. Repeat offenders of slow play will be asked not to return to the tour for the enjoyment of the other golfers.
  • The FCGT, and course officials will act as rangers during the tournament. These rangers will handle any rules issues (if possible), monitor pace of play and issue warnings if your group needs to pick up the pace. Your group will be given 1 warning before a penalty is assessed.
  • We have the triple bogey rule in effect to help with pace of play (Except for the Fox Cities Open). There is no limit to the number of triple bogies you can card. Remember that once you reach triple bogey on a hole and you have yet to hole out, you MUST pick up and help the other finish that hole.   
  • Players should ALWAYS hit a provisional ball when a ball goes into an area where it may be lost or out of bounds. If you think it “might” be lost or out of bounds, HIT A PROVISIONAL! Nothing is lost if you hit a provisional ball, and you may hit a provisional ball as many times as need be up to and including the 5-minute time period allotted (per USGA rules) to find your original ball.

If there is a rules disagreement while during the round of play, you may play an alternate ball(s) under USGA Rule 3-3, but must comply with all requirements of that rule. Before playing any ball, the player must announce that he will play two balls under Rule 3-3, which ball is being played under which rule, and state which ball he wishes to count if the rules permit. At the conclusion of the round or first opportunity, the FCGT will make the final ruling. In any discrepancy of the rules, the FCGT along with the course Professional will make all final decisions.

We want to have fun and compete. The rules of golf and the honor of play are very important to the FCGT. At the same time we want to make sure we keep the pace of play moving and that we are not “looking to catch” someone doing something. This is a game of honor, let’s act as such. Rules are made to be followed, not to argue about.

Completion of Your Round

Move away from your final green as soon as possible so as not to slow down anyone finishing behind you. If you need a ruling, get it before signing your official scorecard. Get with the competitor that kept your official score and verify that your official scorecard it accurate. Both you and the scorekeeper need to sign your official scorecard to make it official.

  • Turn-in your official scorecard as soon as possible.
  • You are responsible for the correctness and final score that is signed for on your official scorecard.
  • Each hole must have an official score; you cannot just have a final score on your scorecard you turn in.
  • If you submit a signed scorecard with a lower score on a particular hole than the actual score made, you will be disqualified from that tournament. Make sure your official scorecard is completely accurate BEFORE you submit it.

Tiebreaker Policy

All first place ties will be decided by a 3-hole playoff on the course. If there is still a tie after 3-holes, the playoff becomes sudden-death until we have a winner. If there is an issue with the course or the time of day, a sudden-death playoff may be the only option allowed. In the event that is the case the playoff would be decided by sudden-death on the course.

All other ties for prizes will be decided by a sudden-death playoff.

If time and/or the course prohibits a playoff from being administered, a scorecard-playoff will be used with the following criteria:

  • Best total of last 9 holes; if same score…
  • Best total of last 6 holes; if same score…
  • Best total of last 3 holes; if same score…
  • Best total of first 9 holes; if same score…
  • Best total of first 6 holes; if same score…
  • Best total of first 3 holes; if same score…
  • Best score on #1 handicap hole, #2, #3, #4, etc. until decided

Tournament Conclusion

Once all the scores have been submitted and confirmed, and all the prizes and trophies have been given away to the Champions, the tournament will be considered official and therefore closed.

How You Earn Points

We will reward points based on your finishing place each tournament. This points system is designed to keep everyone competitive throughout the season. We will also be crowning a season-end Champion of each Division so you will want to keep track of the standings all season to see where you stand! There will be plenty of awards and prizes at each event thanks in large part to you and all of the tour sponsors. With that being said, the points system is very simple to understanding and follow and it was made this way to keep everyone competing while at the same time rewarding those that finished better in each of our tournaments. This points system applies to each division and/or flight.


Place1-Day Tournaments2-Day Tournaments (Majors)
11th and beyond1525

*There will be no splitting of points. All those with the same score will receive the same points, except for the Champion if they win in a playoff.  

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